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why exists ::

a little background ::

Sadly, as with all of my best ideas in life, this was not an original one. It began a couple of summers ago when I went to live in San Francisco for a few months. This posed a number of basic problems such as finding somewhere to live and work. I happened to stumble upon a great website which allowed people to post free ads looking for accommodation, employment, romance and much, much more that, over the next few months, proved invaluable. Through this one site I managed to arrange a place to live in San Francisco before ever leaving Ireland (we swapped our apartment in Dublin with that of a lovely woman in Berkeley).

When I arrived I managed to find a job quite easily, once again through this site. One of the main problems was that my new position was one of a valet car parker and I could not drive. The same site came to the rescue again. I craftily placed a personal ad claiming I was "looking for love and driving lessons". Amazingly (and probably down to the fact that I did not include any pictures with my ad) I got a response from a middle aged woman in my neighbourhood who kindly agreed to teach me to drive. I have to admit that I was somewhat offended that this lady, despite my unfeasibly good looks and charming personality, appeared to have no romantic interest in me whatsoever, but it certainly made the lessons less awkward.

Anyway, I passed my driving test (which is hardly that much of an accomplishment in California) and happily spent the summer parking wealthy peoples cars, now legally. At the end of the summer we decided to go on a road-trip with lofty notions of driving across the states. Through the same site we found and bought a cheap car (for the princely sum of $1000) and set off on our odyssey. Sadly the car did not make it further than Las Vegas, but that was mostly our fault for driving a 30 year old Mercedes through hundreds of miles of desert without first changing the oil or adding water to the leaking radiator.

Despite my excessive rambling, the main point is that it was great to be able to find everything I was looking for all in one place. It simply made life a lot easier. And so this is what I am hoping to do for you with this site, There are already websites in Ireland that advertise job, properties and lots of other things. But I don't think there is anywhere that has everything all in one place.

the main aim of is ::

To help people find "somewhere to live, somewhere to work and someone to love..."

This is a somewhat cheesy sounding catchphrase, I know, but I think it captures my main vision for this site. I want to build a community where you can meet new people, discuss anything you like with anyone, find out about new things, buy and sell anything you want and much more.

On top of this I want to make the whole experience completely free and open to everyone. Like I said, I don't know of any other site like this in Ireland (if there is I'll be pretty angry and have wasted an awful lot of time!) and so I decided to create one. I think it's a good idea but that said, all I have actually done is to provide the facility. It is up to you, the reader to make it work.

promises ::

(1). This site is always going to be completely free for you to use. This is an essential part of the whole idea and I'm not going to change my mind about it.

(2). When I started the site I promised: " is always going to be commercial free". You may have noticed that I have recently added ads to the tops of many of the pages. While your initial thoughts may be "You are a dirty great liar" (and you of course are right) there is reason for this. needs advertising to grow, advertising that I myself cannot afford to pay. So my plan is that by other people clicking on ads here on the site can earn money with which to promote itself. Basically (here comes a new promise) I will spent what revenue is earned from people clicking on ads on the site to help promote the site so it gets bigger and better. So if you want to promote the site, be sure to click on any ads you are intrested in. If you want more ideas of how to help, click here.

Now for all of these noble aspirations to become a reality I have a lot of work to do. This is where you come in.

If you think what I'm trying to do here is a good idea then click here to find out how you can help.

The call is from heroism, will you accept the charges?

Sorry, I'm trying to motivate you...

find somewhere to live, somewhere to work and someone to love at for terms and conditions click here.

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