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why I need your help ::

I have no budget with which to advertise In fact I have very little money in general, but that's besides the point. Anyway, as you may have gathered from reading up on "why everything exists", I'm not a big fan of advertising to begin with so this is not really a problem for me or

What it does mean however is that I am entirely relying on you to spread the word about the site, and to get everybody using it. The more people using the site the better it will be for you and for everybody else.

If you think what I'm trying to do here is a good idea, then please tell others about it. The way I see it, everybody knows everybody else (through friends and family etc.). So If you tell everyone you know and they do the same and so on, eventually everybody will know...

what you can do ::

(1) You can make a donation (via PayPal) and help directly. I promise I will use all donations to help improve the site and make it better for you, the user. Just click this link to make a secure donation:

(2) If you run your own website you might want also consider exchanging links with Click here to exchange links with

(3) Email or tell your friends about Granted, "Have you heard about this great new website?" is perhaps not the most riveting conversation starter in the world but I'm sure you can make it sound interesting than that.

(4) If you write to me by clicking here, I will send you a free sheet of stickers and flyers for you to help advertise the site. Stick the stickers in as imaginative places as you like, they all help.

(5) By clicking on the following link you can get Firefox, a great new web browser for free that I recommend. Here's why I use it: (1) it is faster and more powerful than microsoft's internet explorer, and easier to use. (2) using firefox also means you are much less likely to get damaging virus, adware and spyware programs installed on your computer because they mostly target microsoft products. So go on, download it and help


If you think what I'm trying to do here with is a good idea, then please take a minute to help out.

needlessly over the top conclusion ::

I think it's a great idea that should grow in popularity through people telling each other about it. It's the "nicest" form of advertising, if there is such a thing.

But it is vital that you do tell other people about it and get them to help out too.

This is also the only way for the site to grow into the kind of community it ought to.

And so whether or not is to succeed solely depends on you.

In the words of the great Captain Planet: "The Power is Yours!"



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