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what is :: is basically an online classifieds service. You can post ads advertising anything you like or read ads placed by others. Best of all everything is free at There is no charge to post any kind of ad or for using any part of the site.

how to use ::

I have tried to make using as simple as possible so that even the most "technologically challenged" individuals, such as myself, should have no trouble using it. But if you are having any difficulties, here's a list of topics for you to choose from.

posting ads :: general information

(1) How do I navigate around
(2) How do I place/edit/delete a basic ad?
(3) Where do I place my ad? What do all the sections mean?
(4) Are there any rules regarding what kinds of ad I can place?
(5) I'm special. How do I make my ad stand out?
(6) How do I include a link in my ad?
(7) How do I include pictures in my ad?

posting ads :: common problems ::

(1) Nothing happens when I click submit on the ad posting form.
(2) I submitted my ad but I did not receive an email to confirm it.
(3) I want to change my ad or delete it but I can't.

other information ::

(1) How do you make money from
(2) I've got an idea for a new category!
(2) Why is the design of do basic?
(3) Top Tip :: How do I use the € (Euro) sign?
(4) SCAMS :: What to be aware of?

(5) How do I complain about an ad?


getting around ::

Navigating around is ludicrously straightforward. On the main page you will see a series of categories, e.g. "jobs", "personals", "services offered" etc. Then under these categories are subcategories. In the case of the "personals" category these categories include "ladies seeking gentlemen", "gentlemen seeking ladies" etc.

From the main page you can go directly to any subcategory of your choice just by clicking on it. When you choose a subcategory you will see all the ads for it listed in the order they were placed (starting with the most recent). To view any particular ad, simply click either on its title or on the "Details" link to the right of the title.

If you want to view all the ads in a particular category, lets say all the jobs, then just click on the main heading in red on the homepage, in this case it would be "jobs". You will then be taken to a page that shows all the sub-categories and all the ads in the main category. You can use this feature to browse all the ads in a particular section rather than having to look in one sub-category at a time. This is a useful feature if you wanted to look at all the newest jobs at once.

To get to the "forums" part of the website and to discuss just about anything with anyone, just click on the link in the grey navigation bar at the top of the screen. You can also click on any of the most recent forum posts on the homepage of to be taken to that topic of conversation.

top tips for easy navigation : :

If when viewing an ad you want to go back up one level you can do so either using the "Back" button on your browser or by clicking on any of the links on the top left of the window which should be in the following form: "home :: accommodation :: sublets / temporary". Of course this will vary depending on what part of the site you're in!

And should you get hopelessly lost:

To go back to the homepage at any time, just click on the "take me home" link in the navigation bar. You can also click on the "" logo which should always be in the top right corner of the screen. If you are in the "Forums" part of the site and want to get back to the homepage, there should be a link at the top right of the screen also which says "go back to". You can also click on the "everything forums" logo itself.



placing a basic ad on ::

(1). On the homepage of click on the category that you want to place your ad in. For example, say you want to rent your apartment in Dublin. Then just click on the "apts / houses to let : dublin". You really can't go wrong at this point.

(2). You should now be taken to the category of your choice. All of the most recent ads should be listed on this page. At the top of this list (and again at the bottom) there is a link saying "Click here to post a new ad in this category ". Rather unsurprisingly you should click this.

(3). Now a page should appear for you to place your ad. I'm not going to bother taking you through how to fill in this page as it's all very straightforward and it will tell you if you do anything wrong. Make sure to give your ad a catchy title to ensure lots of people want to read it. Make sure you include a valid email address that you have access to as you will need this for your ad to work. Also don't leave any spaces in your email address (even at the end of it) as this often leads to problems.

(4). When you are happy with your ad, just click "submit" at the bottom of the page. If you have filled everything out right then you will be taken to the next page which should tell you that I have received your ad. If not, look for the red asterix's (*) for an explanation of what is wrong.

(5). At this point you are almost finished. To verify that your e-mail address exists and that you have access to it, I'll send an e-mail, entitled "Almost Done!" to the address you gave when placing your ad. All you have to do now is open this e-mail and click on the link held within to publish your ad.

All going well, you should now have successfully placed your ad on I am very proud of you.

If you need to edit or delete your ad, just go to it, and click on the "edit" link at the bottom of the page. Enter your password and Robert is your uncle... You can also delete your ad on this page.

where to place your ad / what all the categories mean ::

I suppose it makes sense that there are a huge amount of categories and sub-categories considering the name of the website, but nonetheless the main screen may appear somewhat daunting when you see it first. Don't worry though, most of the sections on should be fairly self explanatory but I'll go through the basic headings for you so you know where exactly to place your ad.

Most of the categories here are straightforward. A few might need explaining:

"house swap" is where you offer your home in exchange for someone else's, normally for a short period of time. It's a great way of finding somewhere to stay when you go on holidays. I have done this before and it turned out very well. My friends and I swapped our apartment in Dublin with a woman in San Francisco for the summer. It's much cheaper than staying in a hotel often a lot more convenient than trying to find an house or apartment to rent for a short period of time.

"holiday homes" : if you have a holiday home available feel free to advertise it here. Or similarly if you are looking for somewhere to stay, place an ad here and you'll be certain to find a lot of people keen for your business.
"sublets / temporary " : sublets are short term lets. If you are going away and want someone to sublet your house / apartment / room from you, place an ad here. is primarily a site for private advertisers and the "Accomodation" section is no different. Agents should not list properties in the accomodation section.

If you are an employer simply place an ad in the most appropriate category. The listing form should guide you through the whole process. If it's a one off task (such as finding someone to help you move house) or an unusual task you might want to place your ad in the "random jobs" category.

Jobseekers, you can post your C.V in the "post your C.V." section if you like. This way, potential employers can read up on you and contact you themselves.

Employers should read the "employers :: enter here" link at the red bar at the top of the homepage for further details. If you like you can, click here to go there.

If you are looking for love, or perhaps something more casual, then you will probably want to place an ad here. The following sub-categories may need explaining:

"seen you around" as the name implies this section of the site is meant for missed connections and missed opportunities. You can post an ad here if you want to get in contact with someone you met once, but lost contact with. But it is also for trying to contact those who you never met at all. Perhaps you saw someone who you really wanted to speak to but could not muster up the courage. Perhaps they felt the same way. Perhaps if you place an ad here they'll see it, get in touch and you'll both live happily ever after. You never know... This category appeals to the romantic within.

"gentlemen seeking gentlemen" I recently moved this section from the standard personals section to the "over 18's". This was simply because a lot of you guys were using pretty graphic language in your ads that was more appropriate to an older audience. I hope you don't mind.

"casual encounters" : I have placed this section in a category of it's own which makes it clear that this section is for adults only. It is important that you be aware that this section contains ads of an adult and sexually explicit nature. Therefore I must insist that it is only used by, and accessed by individuals over the age of 18. I am not responsible in any way for the content of the ads placed in this, or indeed any section of, nor do I moderate the placing of ads. You should see the "terms of use" link on the bottom of this page for further details of this and all the rules governing this site.

"friendship / platonic" is, as the name implies, for people seeking friendship and nothing more. If you want more than this, then post in one of the other categories. Simple really.

lifestyle / community:
One of the main things I want to do with is to bring people together. Corny as this sounds I think it's a pretty good idea. This is largely what the community section of the site is about, its the place to post ads to meet like minded individuals, to share activities and to help each other out. Here are explanations of some of the categories:

"activity partners" : this is the place to post if you are looking for someone to accompany you to a new class or course. It can be a little daunting to go along to something on your own. Everyone feels this way, so there's sure to be somebody out there to help you out.

"childcare" : if you are looking for advice on a childminder or a crèche post an ad here. Also have a look in the childcare section in the "services offered" section where babysitters and childminders can advertise their services.

"musicians" : looking for a drummer for your band? Or perhaps someone to fill in for a gig at short notice? Look no further. You can also have a look in the Forums section of the site for all this musically related.

"events" : let people know about any community events coming up.
"classes" : ask for advice about classes and promote any classes which you might be running.

"rideshare / carpool" : ridesharing, or carpooling as it's also called makes sense and is commonplace in many other countries. Why people don't do it here in Ireland is beyond me, but you can now change that...

"volunteers / help needed" : if you need people to help out with anything try placing an ad here.
You should also look in the forums section for more community based discussion.

for sale:
I think this is fairly straightforward. There is a general section and a separate one devoted to cars and motorbikes. Just place your ad in the category that best suits what you are offering. If you are looking for something, either post in the relevant category or in the dedicated "wanted" category.

One thing you should note is this: is primarily a site for private advertisers. The "for sale" section of the site is meant for private sellers and not for businesses. If you want to advertise your business, then the ONLY place to do so is in the "small biz ads" subcategory. Please don't try to sneak them into the for sale sections or any other part of the site.

services offered:
This is the section to tell people of a service that you have to offer. If you can fix people cars for cheaper than them going to a garage then let them know about it here. I do not want this section of the site to descend into businesses placing ads but rather it is a place for individuals to offer their skills and services. If you are a business and want to advertise your service then please post in the dedicated "small biz ads" category.

The forums section of has many of the same sections as the ads section but it allows discussion. You can go to the forums part of the site two ways. You can click on the link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Alternatively, click on any of the links on the front page of the site (the 10 most recent posts are shown). You can start a discussion about anything you like or take part in one that is already in progress. As with the rest of the site, it's incredibly easy to use so you shouldn't have any problems. Have fun. And be (relatively) nice! blog/news:
Click here and you can find out about what I'm up to with the site and my plans to make it better. I'll try to write something in here every week or two so you can keep up to date with what's going on.
I've tried to include everything that people could want in these categories but if you think I've left something out or have any ideas on how I could improve the site then please let me know. Click here if you want to write to me.


are there rules regarding what kinds of ad I can place?

As long as you use your common sense you should not have any problems in working out where to place your ad and where not to. That said there have been some problems of late with people placing ads in inappropriate sections so I'd best outline a few basic pointers.

Most importantly, is primarily a site for private advertisers. The "for sale" section of the site is for private sellers only. If you are a business or trader, please do not advertise in the for sale sections of If you are an agent, please do not offer properties in the "accommodation" section.

If you wish to advertise your business, then you are welcome to do so, but only in the section provided ("small biz ads" in the "services offered" section). I am offering you free advertising for your business, something you are unlikely to get elsewhere, so please don't abuse the offer.

Also, please don't post your ad in inappropriate sections or in a whole range of categories. If what you are offering is appealing people will reply to a properly placed ad. Doing things the wrong way will just cause irritation (both to ME and to others).


how to make your ad stand out ::

It's up to you how you want your ad to look but here's a couple of ideas you might like to think about:

(1). Give your ad an interesting title. Use your imagination and try to make it eye-catching. DON'T BOTHER DOING THIS AS IT IS ANNOYING RATHER THAN EYE-CATCHING!!!

(2). Include a picture if appropriate and be sure to mention this in the title. People are 4 times more likely to look at an ad with a picture included.

(3). It is quite easy to format the text of your ad so it looks better to the reader. Here are a few things you can do:

(4). Make text bold by wrapping <b>and</b> tags around the words you can to be bold. In the case of the previous sentence, the word “and” would appear bold.

(5). Similar to making text bold, you can underline it by placing <u>and</u> tags around the chosen text. You can make it italic by, you guessed it, wrapping <i>and</i> tags around the text.

(6). Perhaps the easiest way of adding bullet points is to directly cut and paste a list from Word or another text editor directly into the body of your ad which should bring over the text and the bullet points.

(7). You can also cut and paste the following piece of code into your ad and enter your bullet points that way.

<li>Enter your first bullet point here</li>
<li>And your second one here…</li>
<li>And again, and so on...</li>

It might take you one or two attempts to get your formatting right so it is best to place a password on your ad so that you can modify it if you have made a mistake.



how to include links or pictures in your ads ::

You may want to include a link in your ad that readers can click on. Or maybe you want to include pictures which magically appear in the body of your text. This is not very hard to do, and with the help of these step by step instructions you should have no trouble.. Anyway, let's get started by showing you how to place a link in your ad.


(1). Select the following piece of text with your mouse and copy it.

<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Surely the best website in the world</a>

Don't worry if this makes no sense to you: it's html code, the rather confusing language websites are written in. To be honest I don't really know what it means either, but I know it will allow you to include your link. If you were to insert this piece of text in to your ad, as it is, it would do the following: a blue link saying "Surely the best website in the world" would appear when one viewed your ad. When one clicked on it a new window would appear taking them to So this is the basis of our link, now you just have to change it to suit you.

(2). Paste the above piece of code into the main body of your of your ad wherever you want your link to appear.

(3). Change the address from "" to the address you want viewers to be brought to when they click on it. Make sure you put in the full address including the http:// and don't get rid of the " " quote marks around it.

(4). Change the text from: >Surely the best website in the world</a> to what you want to name your link. Bear in mind that what you write here is what actually appears in your ad while the actual address you have put in will be hidden from view. Once again make sure that you have not accidentally deleted either the >or the </a> on either side of what you have written. In fact now is a good time to check the whole thing and make sure you haven't deleted any of it or put in any extra spaces where there shouldn't be spaces. This might stop your link from working altogether which would be rather irritating.

(5.) You should now be done. Be sure to include a password when posting your ad in case you need to change it later. It's possible that you might have made a mistake in your link and without a password, you won't be able to go back and fix it.
That wasn't so hard now, was it?

how to include pictures in your ad (updated) ::

Uploading photos to go with your ad on is a great idea, people are over 4 times more likely to look at your ad if it contains pictures. And thankfully, as with most things on, uploading an image is easy.

instructions for adding pictures to your ad::

(1) On the ad posting page there is an option to upload an image(s).
(2) Just browse to the location of the image you want to upload on your computer and select it
(3) When you submit your ad, you photos will now be included

Remember: Any ad with the camera icon ( )beside the title contains picture(s).

important thing to remember ::

You must make sure that your pictures are small enough in size that they will load quickly. Nobody is going to wait 10 minutes for an enormous picture of you to load, even if you are very attractive! Bear in mind that if you upload a picture from your digital camera it will probably be massive in size. You can adjust the size and resolution of jpgs (the main type of image file used for pictures) in almost all image and graphics software packages. If you are using a digital camera, the software you got with it will certainly allow you to do this. As a rough rule I wouldn't upload any picture bigger than 20-30k in size.

If you are still reading at this point then you hopefully you will have mastered placing links and pictures in your ads. I hope that these tips were at least of some use to you, if there's anything else you think needs to be explained, I'd be happy to do so.


problems :: nothing happens when I click submit on the ad posting form ::

When you click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the page where you post your ad it should send it to me straight away.

If the ad doesn't submit when you click submit have a look up the screen for advice. There should be a red star (*) beside one of the boxes and instructions on what to change.

The most common thing to go wrong is if you leave a space anywhere in your email address, including one at the end. The site won't recognize your email address as being valid and so it won't submit.

Similarly, if you do not fill in the required fields (they all have a red star beside them also) then the ad will not submit.

Just look for a big red star somewhere on the page and you will find an explanation of what to change.



I submitted my ad but I did not receive my confirmation email ::

Make sure you enter your email address correctly to avoid this problem. If you enter your email address incorrectly then the confirmation email will be sent to this (non-existent). This happens quite a bit.

If your email address is and you enter robertisverypopular@hotmail.cot by mistake then you will never receive your confirmation email.

So basically, make sure you get your email address right the first time, to save yourself having to submit the ad again.



I want to change my ad or delete it but I can't ::

Normally, if you need to edit or delete your ad, just go to it, and click on the "edit" link at the bottom of the page. Enter your password and Robert is your uncle... You can also delete your ad on this page. If you have forgotten your password you can get it emailed to you. There is a link on the "edit" page to do so.

Unless you entered a password when you first placed your ad there is no way for you to delete or change your ad. This is why entering a password is a very good idea.

If you really need an ad to be removed then you can email me (use the "write to robert" link at the top of this and every page). Please don't use this service unless it is very important and be warned, it may take me some time. This is why entering a password is a very good idea.

If you (really) need me to delete your ad then do the following:

To make matters easier, I will need you to find the “listing id” number for your ad in order for me to locate it and delete it for you. Just go to your ad on and have a look in the web address at the top of the screen. It should be in the following form:

In the example here the listing id is 3586 as you can see. Just find out what the listing id number is for your ad and include it when writing to me.

If you had entered a password you would not be having these problems :)


how do you make money out of ::

I sneak into your house via your phone line, crawl out of your computer and steal your piggy bank.

You'd be surprised by how many emails I get from suspicious people worried that I am somehow planning to extract large bundles of cash from them in exchange for their using of What's in it for you? they ask, or my own personal favourite "You're a fool if you're not making money out of this"!

Surprising, though it may sound, I don't make any money out of, nor am I intending to. I set this site up because I think it’s a useful service for people to have. It’s not costing me much money to run and I am happy to fund myself. Any small money revenue I make from ads on the site is used to promote the site itself, I don't make any money from the site whatsoever.

I’m a tremendously nice guy, I know.

But like I keep saying, I've only set up. It's up to you the reader to spread the word about the site and to make it work. Click here for ideas. I'll stop hustling you now.


I've got an idea for a new category ::

I'm always happy to hear any ideas you might have of how to make better.

People write quite frequently asking for me to add new categories and I’m in the process of adding new ones every week or two. The only problem is that I don’t want to have too many different categories seeing as this will make the site look very crowded. So if you do have an idea for a new section you'd like to see, make sure its one that will be of mass appeal. For instance the fact that you are an avid collector and trader of near mint condition 2p pieces (specifically from 1982) may not be sufficient ground to add a new section to the homepage devoted to the subject.

That said, if there is something important missing, then please let me know. Try posting in the feedback forum to see if others agree with you.



why the design of is so basic (crap) ::

Much like myself, is rather simple. I've tried to make it so straightforward to use that you will probably never have to bother reading this page at all. Thus I have tried to make the design and layout of the site reflect this simplicity. Most people using the internet in Ireland are still using rather slow dial up connections (at the end of 2005 over 60% of internet users are still using dial up). Because of this I have left out all the fancy pants graphics and animations that take an eternity to load. Just click on what you want and it appears right away.



how to use the € (Euro) sign ::

A lot of people don't seem to know how to use the € sign. I didn't until very recently. It's quite straightforward though. Just hold down both the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys (at the bottom left of most keyboards). At the same time press the number 4 (or whatever number has the € sign on it. And Bingo! There's your € sign. If your keyboard has an "Alt Gr" key (located directly to the right of your spacebar) then you can just press it and the number 4 at the same time to achieve the same result.



scams to watch out for ::

A few people have told me they have received rather dubious emails from people that seem like scams. Here is an example of one regarding an ad placed for a motorbike on

"Dear Friend,
i am a doctor based in Holland.I just mailed to let you know that i am interested in purchasing your Vespa ET2 . I assume it to be in a favourably good condition. I intend to purchase your Vespa ET2 which is currently at your disposal, we would like to know the last negotiable prise for this Vespa ET2 and how many you currently have for sale. Also we would want you to know that we intend on paying you through a euro bankers draft check. Our partner who resides in the ireland will give you the bank draft or check as soon as the necessary negotiations have been concluded.
Regards, Brian Smith"

This is most likely a common scam going around at the moment involving fake bank drafts. You can read up on the subject by clicking here.

Basically be very wary of overseas buyers, or anyone that wants to pay by bank draft or cheques, they quite often turn out to be fraudulent leaving you with nothing and little power to do anything about it.

These cases are of course very rare, but as with all things in life, it's best to just use common sense. If something seems too good to be true, it generally is.

Click here for further information on this subject.



how do i complain about/report an ad? ::

As I stated in the terms and conditions of, I am in no way responsible for content posted on by its users. That said there is an option to report an ad to me which I will then review and remove if necessary.

In order to complain about/report an ad just click on the link at the bottom of the ad that says "report/complain about this ad". Then fill in the simple form that appears and submit it. You can tell me why you object to this ad if it's unclear.

It's that simple.



and that is pretty much that ::

Hopefully reading this has made using a little easier for you.
What matters most is that you do use it.

Place as many ads as you like, they're all free.

And I hope you find what you are looking for.

If you want to write to me about any of this, or have any ideas on how I can make the site better, then just click here to do so. I'd be happy to hear from you.


find somewhere to live, somewhere to work and someone to love at for terms and conditions click here.

© 2004