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what people are saying ::

introduction ::

Here's a selection of quotes about the site. If you have something nice, or indeed incredibly offensive to say about that you would like to see here, please don't hesitate to write to me by clicking here.

the good ::

"Great idea!...I had forgotten what it was like to enter a site without having to close those annoying pop-ups."

"You have made an excellent site and i have made it to my homepage now when i go on the net. Good job."
- Donal

"Just recently in our entrepreneur class at college we did a case study on you and all about your creation of "
-Des (This really appeals to my vanity)

"Just to let you know that I have sold the cottage I had for sale on I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me...once again, a big THANK YOU!"
- Peter

"Robert, I am just after logging onto your website. I think it is an absolutely fantastic idea: I currently have 22 adverts up on your site. Thanks very much for giving me this information and I will spread the word around. Once again thanks." -Madeleine

"Cool site. I like it's ease of use and that it loads up so quick - essential if you're not in the broadband world as yet. well done!"

"Well done on putting this site together. I have looked at it and the concept and layout is excellent. Keep up the good work."

"Great site. Best of luck with it in the future. Hope it works out for you... I'll certainly be using it from now on.."

"I like the site. It's really well developed and very easy to negotiate for us less computer minded beings!"

"Man, that's a cool site. I'd say it's going to be huge!"
-Karl (

"Buy and Sell is no match for this, keep up the good work"

"Great Site Robert, keep up the good work"

"Great site, real easy to use i'll be putting up loads of stuff soon and i
love your 'i'm bored' section. you can tell i'm bored because i'm writing
to a complete randomer!"

the bad ::

"I've had a look at your site. It is utterly useless"
- Pat

the ugly ::

"Reading the various pages of your site, I almost forgot for a second what a gobshite you are. Has someone been ghost-writing your pages for you?"
- Ronan

"Your site is brutal mate and get a life"

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